How does Neuropsychology differ from Psychiatry? From Neurology?

Neuropsychology is the discipline that studies the relationship between the brain and human behavior. A neuropsychologist is a licensed psychologist (usually a Ph.D. [doctor of philosophy] or Psy.D. [doctor of psychology]), with specialized training in how brain structures and functions affect development, learning and behavior. Neuropsychologists have expertise in the diagnosis and treatment planning of a variety of disorders.

Psychiatry is the discipline concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. A psychiatrist is a physician (usually a MD [medical doctor] or DO [doctor of osteopathy]), who specializes in this field and diagnose and prescribe medications for disorders such as ADHD, depression and anxiety.

Neurology is the branch of medicine that deals with the nervous system and its disorders. A neurologist is a physician (usually a MD or DO), who specializes in this field. Neurologists diagnose and prescribe medications for disorders such as strokes, seizure disorders and Parkinson’s disease.