Did you know?

  • Learning disabilities are frequently misdiagnosed as ADD/ADHD?.
  • Behavioral disorders can mask an underlying learning disability?
  • Depression can mimic a learning disability?
  • Many children with reading disorders (dyslexia) also have an underlying language disorder?
  • Identifying the specific type of learning problem can mean the difference between a child’s success   and failure?

Frequently Asked Questions...

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  1. What types of questions can a neuropsychological evaluation answer?
  2. What types of patients are evaluated by a neuropsycholgist?
  3. When should a child be evaluated by a neuropsychologist?
  4. What is assessed in a neuropsychological evaluation?
  5. What is involved in a neuropsycholgical evaluation?
  6. How does Neuropsychology differ from Psychiatry? From Neurology?
  7. At what age should my child be evaluated?
  8. Can an evaluation help determine if my child is ready for kindergarten?
  9. How should I prepare myself or my child for an evaluation?
  10. What should I tell my child about the evaluation?
  11. How will my child’s report be used?
  12. When should an adult be evaluated by a neuropsychologist?
  13. How much does an evaluation cost?
  14. Do you take insurance?
  15. What is your privacy policy?


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